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OK so we’ve got this new blog… and we’re going to try and keep up with it best as we can! The past week we’ve been in San Diego shooting a wonderful wedding for our great friends Melissa and Brian. More on that soon…. for now check out their slideshow here-

Tuesday night we took a red eye flight to Buffalo, New York to shoot another wedding, Jeremy and Stacey! We got in really early Wednesday morning, picked up our rental car, and then headed off to Niagra Falls becauase neither of us had been there before. It was only about an hour from the airport, so why not!? The falls were really cool. HUGE HUGE HUGE. People watching was excellent too, as it is in all touristy places in America.  🙂  Pics to come soon.

So today we did a “day after” session the “day before” with Jeremy and Stacey that was really fun. Their wedding is tomorrow at the Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY. It’s gorgeous here! Very green, lots of beautiful country homes/mansions on the lakeside, in the trees, with grassy backyards the size of a football field or two!

Here are a couple shots from todays portrait session with Jeremy and Stacey… can’t wait for their wedding tomorrow!

Bethany’s crazy but cool idea to use a random metal heart that she found.  🙂

We just noticed our clients Chris and Aviva gave us a nice review on a website called

Here is what they said: “We cant emphasis enough how important it is to have good photographers and these guys were incredible. Not only talented and organized, they were fun to work with. And of course we love the outcome: beautiful albums and online slideshows and framed prints…”

Thanks Chris and Aviva!

You can see thier slideshow here:

Well, after an incredibly busy summer of 2007, and then 6 months of traveling the world November-May… it’s back to the real world for Bethany and I! Luckily, we love our job, so it’s not all that bad.
We’ve been back in America for just over a month, and have already photographed 4 weddings in 3 different states, and have been working nonstop to get a bunch of new things rolling.

First, our new website! Our previous website was in need of some mega help and updating. So, announcing the brand new! A big thanks to the awesome and incredibly helpful guys at BIGFolio!

Second, looks like you’ve found our new BLOG! Just what the world needs… another blog! We hope to keep it interesting though with consistent updates of new photos, travels, and just random life stuff, so bookmark it (or add it to your RSS feed), check back often, and leave us comments! 🙂

Third, Blaine and Bethany Photography now has a Facebook page! Why? Um, I’m not sure why… or exactly what the point is… but it seems kinda fun. Check it out and sign up to be a fan! 🙂

And lastly, we’ve leased a new office in beautiful downtown Hood River, Oregon! The purpose of our office is to serve as a nice and comfortable place to meet with our clients to show our books and albums. It’s also been great for Bethany and I to spread out our computer and hard drive collection on a huge custom desk . We’ve been much more productive with our time being able to work at a real desk in a real office!
We bought the desk, shelfs, coffee table, and other misc furnishings at IKEA and found the 3 piece leather sofa set at City Liquidators in Portland.
I wasn’t going to post any photos yet because we still have some finishing touches to do, like find a cool rug for the meeting area, and plaster the walls with huge photo prints… but, I couldn’t resist… so below are photos of our new office in it’s “not-quite-finished” state!
Our address is: 216 Cascade Avenue, Suite 26, Hood River, Oregon 97031

Front view from Cascade Avenue (top left is our office, downstairs is Real Wind)

Side View from 3rd Street (top floor windows are ours)
Meeting area
Meeting area
Meeting area
Looking other way towards computers and desk
Our huge new desk
Bethanys computer (obviously I made that desktop image… she hates spiders!)
My brand new 24″ iMac
View out the window (directly across the street is the beautiful Columbia Art Gallery)
Out one of the side windows you can see a little bit of the Columbia River
Cascade Avenue on a quiet weekday evening
F a c e b o o k