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Stacey and Jeremy’s wedding on June 27th was such a blast to photograph for Bethany and I! We had the privilege of meeting Stacey and Jeremy at Joy and Jason’s wedding last summer in Hood River. Jason is Stacey’s brother… It’s always such an honor to shoot the weddings of multiple siblings because we get to see the families again and its so much fun! At Joy and Jason’s wedding, Stacey saw the reception slideshow and immediately asked if we were available for her date the next year. Luckily our calendar was open that day and it all worked out! It really put the pressure on us when Stacey mentioned that they didn’t even shop around to look at different photographers because they knew we were the ones.   🙂

Stacey and Jeremy and most of their family all live in New Jersey but they decided to have a destination wedding in the Finger Lakes region of New York! Wow, it was so gorgeous up there.  They chose the most beautiful venue ever too… The Belhurst Castle on Lake Seneca!

**Click HERE** for the online slideshow

**Click HERE** for all the photos on the proofing site

Some of our favorites for the blog:

Our “day before” portrait session at the gorgeous Fox Run Vineyards:

The rehearsal dinner setting!

Belhurst Castle-

Wedding day details-

Stacey shortly after getting her beautiful dress on-

The balcony of her parents suite at the castle-  🙂

A gorgeous B&W portrait that Bethany shot-

The guys hangin in the bar-

Stacey and her Father coming down the aisle-

Incredible setting for the ceremony, Lake Seneca in the background-

This little mohawk kid was quite the photographer  🙂

Stacey’s parents leaving the ceremony and sharing a moment-

After the ceremony chilled wine & appetizers was well received in the summer heat!

We went down the boat dock on the lake and got some great shots down there-

Bethany snapped a pic of me almost falling into the water to get the previous shot… I was barely holding on!

A few portraits with Stacey and Jeremy-


This little girl was hilarious… wish I had a video camera… her moves were so awesome.

Grandmas classic “Oh no not a picture of ME!” look on her face  🙂

Someone had the great idea to play the song “Stacey’s mom has got it going on” song and by the looks of this photo… Stacey’s mom really enjoyed it.  🙂

Mohawk boy again!

The reception slideshow was a hit!  🙂

Nighttime at the Belhurst Castle-

Thanks and congratulations Stacey and Jeremy! 

**Click HERE** for the online slideshow


**Click HERE** for all the photos on the proofing site

We’re slacking on our new blog! So much to do and so little time… We’re getting serious now though. So here goes our first wedding post.

Bethany and I were so stoked when Melissa asked us to shoot her wedding! The Berghs (Melissa’s family) are super longtime family friends of ours, we go way back… 🙂 We always love shooting weddings of close family and friends. When we’re running around all day and night shooting everything people always say “put down that camera! stop working and enjoy yourselves now!” but honestly we love shooting more than anything, so I don’t think putting down the camera to enjoy ourselves is going to happen anytime soon.

Their wedding was at the beautiful Coronado Cays Yacht Club on Coronado Island, San Diego. Melissa and Brian were obviously beyond excited (just look at the photos of them two!) to tie the knot, after like 5 years of dating! About time guys… 😉

Here are some of our favorites from the day!

To see their entire slideshow GO HERE- http://www.blaineandbethany.com/slideshows/brianmelissa/

Melissa’s gorgeous dress-

Melissa absolutely beaming after getting her dress on-

The guys-

Melissa and her dad share a laugh seconds before they walk down the aisle together-

Melissa’s grandparents… adorable.

Melissa’s mom Donna was just a little excited to see her daugher coming down the ailse  🙂

Mark & Melissa

I love this shot. I can only imagine what Mark is sharing (or commanding!?) with Brian as he gives away his daughter.  Melissa doesn’t have a care in the world…
Brian is pretty stoked…
Gorgeous setting on the San Diego Bay-
The kiss!
Leaving the ceremony-
Melissa’s friends wanted in on the action too!
A few portraits-
Mark toasting to the best mans hilarious speech-
Cake cutting-
Sparklers are always a fun exit!
As I was editing through the photos from this wedding I came across these and was thinking… man… either I was totally hammered and don’t remember a thing about taking these photos… or maybe Bethany was trying to be extra artsy… who knows… then it all came back to me! While I was grabbing a bite to eat MY MOM grabbed my camera and *tried* to be a wedding photographer for a few minutes. YIKES. So from these painfully ugly images we learn something very important… Who cares how great the camera is… hire a great photographer who knows a thing about how to use it!    🙂

Congrats Brian and Melissa!!! I hope your THAILAND honeymoon was incredible!

Remember the slideshow! – http://www.blaineandbethany.com/slideshows/brianmelissa/

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